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Cute hanging dresses or frilled blouses are fun and a lot to look at.

Typical for the lovely romantic style are wide, fluttering and brightly patterned dresses or skirts in delicate colors. Special emphasis is placed on small, playful accessories: bows, ruffles or glitter stones are popular romantic elements that especially caress the youthful complexion of the so-called “twenties”. At the age of 20 you can let off steam when it comes to romance. Cute hanging dresses or frilled blouses are fun and a lot to look at. However, the older a romantic lady gets, the more fashionable sensitivity she needs, as the playful look is quickly put on and does not look age-appropriate. Therefore, you should first use accessories such as bows and hair clips more sparingly. Later, it is advisable to put the entire outfit together in such a way that it only contains a few romantic elements. A blouse with a flower pattern still looks cute, but not childlike, with simple, white trousers. The right materials can also make the dress look more adult. Cashmere or silk look more serious than transparent flutter fabrics. 


The classic

The problem is reversed with the classic look: it is elegant, serious and ladylike at the same time and therefore tends to cause styling difficulties for younger than older women. You can easily make the look more youthful with simple tricks. It is often enough to choose the right accessories for this. A classic outfit consisting of a tight pencil skirt, blouse and trench coat looks younger with silver jewelry than with gold elements. The colorful and very modern plastic jewelry makes it look even more playful. Large or wildly patterned handbags also look like a visual makeover. Women aged 40 and over should wear the look as it is. After all, it’s made for you. If you like, you can underline the elegance of classic fashion by choosing fine materials. Female tweed costumes or strict pantsuits are the first choice here. However, all age groups have one styling rule in common: Shoes with at least medium-high heels are mandatory. The high hooks make the gang look more ladylike and make the outfit even more irresistible.

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They are the best anti-wrinkle remedy: With earrings you divert your gaze from unwanted lifelines and easily cheat away a few years. The rule here is: the larger the earring, the greater the rejuvenation effect.


Black and white do not count as colors in the classic sense. Since they are neither in the foreground nor in the background, they can be combined with all other colors.

The eyes can also be beautifully presented with contrasting colors. Great effects are achieved especially with black and (cream) white. The most important styling rule here is: Dark colors make the eye look smaller. In order to keep the view as open as possible, the black eyeliner should therefore only be used on the movable lid, close to the lash line. Light accents, on the other hand, are best placed under the eyebrows and on the inner approach of the eyes.

Chains are an eye-catcher that draws attention to the neck and décolleté. However, if the first wrinkles have already formed here, you should choose particularly large and eye-catching necklaces, as they visually distract from small problem areas.

Needles and clasps with colorful decorations may be young and cute – in old age it is better to keep your hands off them. The rejuvenation effect is too striking and intentional here. Fine hair ties, simple clips or clips made of horn look better on hoop heads.

Elegant and provocative at the same time – the little black dress emphasizes the best aspects of a woman. It is important to note that a little black dress must sit tightly against the body and must not be too long (maximum knee length).


Makeup products with glitter or shimmer particles are unsuitable for more mature skin, as they easily settle into small wrinkles and thus unnecessarily emphasize them. Mature women no longer have to produce their radiance artificially anyway; their charisma is so breathtaking too.


Brown, red, black, and blonde – all hair colors are beautiful. So why should you choose just one? Show your courage in fashion and have highlights in two different colors put in your hair. This ensures variety and great color reflections on the head.


The basic rule for midlife makeup is: less is more. Light, almost transparent colors do not focus as strongly as bright colors and therefore adapt better to the complexion. Light blush (for example in apricot) makes the features appear softer; pastel eyeshadows refresh the look.

As a basis for makeup, tinted day creams are better suited for mature skin than firm and covering foundations. On the one hand, because the skin receives additional care in this way and, on the other hand, because an evenly covering layer of makeup makes the face look even but lifeless.

It goes with everything, conjures up a slim silhouette and never goes out of style. The trench coat is a must for every woman. It is comfortable and practical to wear, especially in transitional periods such as spring and autumn.

The same applies to gray as to black and white. It is uncomplicated and can be combined with all tones.

In terms of color, you should also stay in the light area of ​​the lips. Do not use a gloss, as the gloss and color can easily get stuck in the lip wrinkles. Better: apply lip balm and dab some cream rouge over it with your finger – it looks natural

Loose skin and wrinkles are often particularly evident on the neck. If you feel disturbed by this, simply wrap a scarf around your neck. Thick, extra long scarves are currently absolutely modern and are therefore not only worn outdoors. Although silk scarves serve the same purpose, they often look old-fashioned.


For some time now, the field of application of knee-high boots has expanded. In the meantime, they are no longer just worn with a skirt, but also with pants. Tight skinny jeans are best for this look, as they are the easiest to tuck the trouser leg into the boot shaft. In addition, the silhouette looks slimmer overall with tight trousers.


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Why wander into the distance when the holiday paradise is right outside the door: the German North Sea coast. A good coastal climate and miles of beaches make it one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany. presents ten of the most popular hotels on the North Sea and we present them in our photo show.

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"Hotel Fährhaus" (five stars) in Keitum on the island of Sylt

"HolidayCheck TopHotel 2013" and 100 percent recommendation: That "Hotel Fährhaus" is extremely popular with North Sea vacationers. In the morning a walk on the fine sandy beach, at noon a nice game of golf, in the evening relax in the hotel’s own Turkish bath. And then dine exquisitely in the gourmet restaurant. Lovely! Great extras: free WiFi, specially equipped allergy-free rooms and a children’s playground. 2 nights with own arrival / double room / breakfast p.p. from 250 euros. 100 percent recommendation with 119 reviews.

"Holiday House Wattkuckuck" in Hagermarsch / Lower Saxony

"Together you are less alone" could be the motto of the "Wattkuckuck holiday complex" in front of the island of Norderney. Families in particular feel right at home in the farm hotel, pony rides and petting zoo included! Further highlights: natural swimming areas, guided mudflat hikes, fresh bread from the bakery in the morning. This is how a family vacation should be. 2 nights with own arrival / double room / breakfast p.p. On demand. 100 percent recommendation with 192 reviews.

"Country house on the Dün Garni" (four stars) in St. Peter Ording / Schleswig-Holstein

Close to the beach and upscale room furnishings characterize the country house with a view of the surrounding marinas. Those who want to escape the stress of everyday life can relax and switch off in the in-house wellness area with a large pool. For refreshment in the afternoon, there are home-baked cakes and delicious coffee specialties in the cozy café. 2 nights with own arrival / double room / breakfast p.p. from 360 euros. 100 percent recommendation with 169 ratings.

"Columbia Hotel Wilhelmshaven" (four stars) in Wilhelmshaven / Lower Saxony

Holiday feeling on, everyday worries off! in the "Columbia Hotel Wilhelmshaven" the focus is on relaxation. Warm colors and a dignified interior design ensure an absolute feel-good atmosphere. The 120 square meter Kaiser Wilhelm Suite promises pure luxury with a roof terrace and a panoramic view of the city’s namesake and landmark: the Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge. 2 nights with own arrival / double room / breakfast p.p. from 241 euros, 100 percent recommendation with 131 reviews.

"Pension beach chair" (three stars) in Norddeich / Lower Saxony

Small but nice: Twelve double and one single rooms are available to holidaymakers in the three-star pension. On guests particularly praise the delicious breakfast and the cleanliness of the rooms. The location of the guest house is also great: the beach, wave pool, mini golf course and seal station are in the immediate vicinity. 2 nights with own arrival / double room / breakfast p.p. From 92 euros, 99 percent recommendation with 353 reviews.

"Hotel Atlantic Juist" (four stars) on the island of Juist

Switch off, recharge your batteries, relax – that "Hotel Atlantic" on Juist is a first-class refuge for stressed city dwellers. While the little ones let off steam in the colorful children’s playroom, parents can relax a few laps in the pool – and then try out the themed saunas. Together they go on a wild carriage ride along the beach. This is how a family vacation should be! 2 nights with own arrival / double room / breakfast p.p. from 284 euros. 97 percent recommendation from 502 reviews.

"Pension Strandnest Büsum" in Büsum / Schleswig-Holstein

The modern furnished "Pension Strandnest" is a constant among North Sea vacationers. Only 200 meters from the beach, three double rooms and two apartments offer plenty of space for children and the family. After an exciting day in the fresh air, the idyllic garden with beach chairs and barbecue area invites you to end the day in comfort. Exclusively for HolidayCheck bookers: parking space, rental safe and WiFi in the room are free. 2 nights with own arrival / double room / breakfast p.p. from 115 euros. 100 percent recommendation with 99 reviews.

"Hotel White Dune" (three stars) on the island of Borkum

Take a deep breath and enjoy: the traditional Art Nouveau villa is only a few steps away from the beach and has been lovingly furnished. From the veranda, guests have a great view of the lively town center. If peace and relaxation are not enough, you can try your luck in the nearby casino or work out on one of the tennis courts. 2 nights with own arrival / double room / breakfast p.p.

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