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Even thugs in front of polling stations are trusted to Trump

We’re all doing well." Sources used: CNN: "Cate Blanchett has cut her head with a chainsaw during lockdown – but she’s OK" (English) news agency spot on news

On Sunday afternoon, the US President, who had corona, left the hospital – to show himself to his waiting fans. Did he endanger the lives of his bodyguards?

These top politicians had the coronavirus
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Donald Trump drove after his announcement "I’m about to make a little surprise visit" with his bodyguards in an SUV out to his fans. You can see recordings of the excursion in the video above or here. He seemed to ignore the quarantine rules. Although he and his companions wore masks in the car, this excursion should not have taken place.

"That should never have happened"a Secret Service agent told CNN. Because now his bodyguards and bodyguards who were sitting in the car have to be in quarantine for 14 days.

Several Secret Service bodyguards also expressed concern to CNN. One admitted that you couldn’t do such a job "No" could say. You can only refuse activities that endanger the president, but you would not have the option to do activities that endanger yourself.

Donald Trump: The US President, who was ill with Covid-19, let Secret Service employees drive him past his fans. (Source: Cheriss May / Reuters)

White House had no concerns

While Secret Service agents voiced their concerns, the White House issued a statement assuring them that "reasonable precautions have been taken … to protect the President and all who supported him." In addition, the excursion was approved by a team of doctors.

However, medical experts expressed the opposite. Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency doctor, wrote that in this situation she would rather have called security to deter Trump from this outing and then subject him to a psychiatric test to check his decision-making ability.

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Dr. James P. Phillips, a doctor affiliated with Walter Reed Military Hospital, said the risk of Covid-19 infection in the presidential SUV was as high as it was outside of medical treatments. "The irresponsibility is amazing. My thoughts are with the Secret Service agents who were forced to participate."

Sources used: Own research CNN: ‘That should never have happened’: Inside Trump’s Walter Reed parade

After days of searching it is clear: Naya Rivera is dead. She drowned in the lake and saved her four year old son with the last of her strength. The actress joins the tragic fate of "Glee"-Stars. 

The happy series about talented and passionate singers in a school choir harbors a disproportionate number of unnatural deaths in real life. Leading actors and production staff in the teen series died at a young age. Even one "Glee curse" is the talk of the fans. 

If you read death reports in connection with the US series "Glee", it is not uncommon to get the feeling that you have already heard something similar. In fact, this is strikingly often the case. 

Mysterious Circumstances – "Glee"-Star Naya Rivera is dead – body found in the lake

Mysterious circumstances
"Glee"-Star Naya Rivera is dead – body found in the lake

For days it has become more and more likely, now there is certainty: Actress Naya Rivera is dead. A crime is ruled out, but the incident remains a mystery

Three main actors were no older than 35 

The main cast of the teen series doesn’t even include 25 actors. Three of them are dead, none of them lived to be older than 35 years.

Cory Monteith died of an alcohol and drug overdose 

Cory Monteith: He was only 31 years old. (Source: imago images / ZUMA Press)

It started in 2013 with leading actor Cory Monteith. He played the role of Finn Christopher Hudson and was there from the first through the fourth season. Monteith died at the age of only 31. He was found lifeless in a hotel in Vancouver. An alcohol and drug overdose was diagnosed as the cause of death. 

Mark Salling committed suicide after conviction 

Mark Salling: He died in 2018. (Source: imago images / PicturePerfect)

Mark Salling played the role of Noah "puck" Puckerman, he was also part of the main cast from seasons one to four, in the fifth and sixth seasons he appeared in a supporting role. In January 2018, the actor committed suicide at the age of only 35. He was previously found guilty of possession of child pornography. 

Naya Rivera drowned in Lake Piru 

Naya Rivera: Your body was discovered in a lake. (Source: ZUMA Wire / imago images)

Only two years later, Naya Rivera was found dead from Lake Piru in California. She did not return from a boat trip with her four-year-old son. The 33-year-old was swimming with her son, with the last of her strength she lifted the child back into the boat, saved his life and drowned. 

"Glee": What’s behind the series? From 2009 to 2015, 20th Century Fox Television produced six seasons with a total of 121 episodes for Fox. The series is about everyday problems of adolescents. Feelings are often transported through dancing and singing. Has been several times "Glee" awarded the Golden Globe. The music from the series also enjoyed commercial success.   

Dramatic details about the death: Son saw Naya Rivera drown. Severe blows of fate: John Travolta lost three women to cancer "All is well": Pool accident: Vanessa Mai slams face on edge, her last post on Instagram: Kelly Preston shares a happy family picture

Not only among the actresses there were more tragic fates. There were also two deaths among the production employees. Assistant director Jim Fuller was only 41 years old, he died of heart failure in 2013. Production assistant Nancy Motes, who was born in 1976, died shortly afterwards, in early 2014, of an overdose. She was the half-sister of Hollywood star Julia Roberts. 

The death of Naya Rivera is the latest tragic case in the "Glee"-Story. After it was announced on Monday evening that the body found in Lake Piru was the actress, former colleagues from the series also spoke up. They express their condolences on Twitter and Instagram.

Sources used: Own research Popculture: "Is the ‘Glee’ Cast Cursed? The Show’s Deaths and Tragedies, Explained" (English) CNN: "Julia Roberts’ half-sister, Nancy Motes, found dead in Los Angeles home" (English) Instagram: Profile of Naya Rivera further sources show less sources

Inconceivable, but conceivable: Will Trump call for violence if he is defeated? Will’s guests fear that the corona disease will not purify him. Even thugs in front of polling stations are trusted to Trump.

The US presidential elections are in less than a month. US President Donald Trump, who is campaigning for a second term, is now being treated with a corona infection in hospital. What consequences does his illness have for the election campaign? The guests discussed this on Sunday evening on the TV show "Anne Will". An overview.

The guests

Peter Altmaier (CDU), Federal Minister of Economics, Chem Özdemir (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen), Member of the Bundestag, Rachel Tausendfreund, US expert at the German Marshall Fund, Roger Johnson, Vice-President of the Republicans Overseas in Europe, Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson, Professor of Transatlantic History at the University of Augsburg, Stefan Niemann, Head of the ARD studio in Washington, DC

The positions

In a month’s time there will be an election in the US and nobody really knows how the most powerful man in the world is doing. Even the federal government is in the dark after Donald Trump’s corona diagnosis. At the moment nobody has reliable information about the state of health of the US President, said Peter Altmaier at "Anne Will" given the conflicting official information. Although Trump’s doctors announced on Sunday that the patient may be allowed to leave the hospital on Monday.

Altmaier warned, however, that the state of health of corona patients can change quickly. "Therefore, this guesswork may continue for a while"the Minister of Economics expected. This uncertainty could jeopardize the delicate economic upturn. Altmaier warned: "So we have to avoid anything that looks like a loss of control."


"200,000 dead in the US in six months – these are people, many of whom could still live if the pandemic had been properly combated from the outset"says @peteraltmaier at #AnneWill. #Trump

– ANNE WILL talk show (@AnneWillTalk) October 4, 2020" ,

In the opinion of Cem Özdemir, Schadenfreude is currently out of place. "There should be no malice", said the Green politician, who was sick with Corona himself. Trump, in his view, should be held accountable less by fate and more in the real world. "This president is responsible for corona deaths", commented Özdemir on Trump’s stance on the pandemic. When "downright criminal" he referred to the event in the White House at which Trump recently introduced Amy Coney Barrett as a candidate for the Supreme Court. Most of the over 100 guests had not worn a mask and kept no distance. Some, like the Trump couple, have tested positive for the virus.

Özdemir did not expect that Trump, like British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, would change his attitude to the pandemic from Saul to Paul due to his own illness. "I believe that Donald Trump is the opposite of empathy, of humanity"said the former Green chief. Trump will continue to do everything possible to win the election, even calling on Nazi thugs like the Proud Boys to stand by. For what? Asked Özdemir, aghast. After the election on November 3rd, will the world have to adjust to images like those in Belarus? "That’s adventurous"he said and meant: "I trust the man to do everything."

Trump has repeatedly proclaimed that he can only lose the election if there is no right thing to do and the prospect that he will not acknowledge defeat. "Unfortunately, I believe that he can actually do that. It has a system"said Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson. Trump has repeatedly claimed that the postal vote is manipulated, although there is no evidence of this. Rachel Tausendfreund pointed out that no candidate or incumbent president had previously questioned the legitimacy of an election. But she also underlined: "The US is far from being an autocracy." Trump has little prospect of remaining in office in the event of an election defeat.


#Trump will do everything possible not to lose the election, because in the event of an election defeat he is threatened "Committee of inquiry upon committee of inquiry", says @cem_oezdemir at #AnneWill. # uswahl2020

– ANNE WILL talk show (@AnneWillTalk) October 4, 2020" ,

The excitement of the evening

How far will Trump actually go to stay in office against the will of the majority of voters? Waldschmidt-Nelson accused the president and his party of active election manipulation.


According to a study, #Trump wrongly pointed out to its supporters four times a day that postal voting would lead to election fraud, says Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson at #AnneWill. # uswahl2020

– ANNE WILL talk show (@AnneWillTalk) October 4, 2020" ,

"Republicans have recruited over 50,000 ex-cops for Operation Election Day", she said. Armed uniform and "Thugs" aimed at preventing potential Democratic supporters, particularly African Americans and other minorities, from voting in the vicinity of polling stations on November 3rd.

How do you know that? Will asked. "I read that online"replied the historian. "It’s just a fantasy", complained the Republican Johnson, who was connected from Vienna. He has never heard of such plans: "Can not be."


"Do you ever have doubts about Donald #Trump?", asks #AnneWill Roger Johnson, Vice President of the Republicans Overseas in Europe.

– ANNE WILL talk show (@AnneWillTalk) October 4, 2020" ,

The fact check

Waldschmidt-Nelson spoke of one repeatedly "Operation Election Day"as if this was a well-known term. A Google search for the phrase in connection with Trump only yields two real hits.

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