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Farmers’ AssociationTH: Our #foods have a value and this value has a price

Ultra HD provides four times as many pixels as the current Full HD standard with 1920 × 1080 pixels.

Zoom, focus and lens shift for distortion-free display can be conveniently adjusted on the Sony remote control. The VPL-VW300ES has an evenly expanded color space and a moderately cool color match ex works. With a little manual work, the projector reveals a perfect white value.

The Sony feels most comfortable in a completely darkened home theater. Then the lamp control can also be set to “low” in the menu, which has a positive acoustical effect. The projector does its work as quietly as a whisper, dark areas of the image gain even more three-dimensional depth.

Wireless HD playback

The Epson EH-TW6600W (starting at 1600 euros) is significantly cheaper than the Sony.It works pleasantly quietly despite the high light output and, in addition to two HDMI interfaces, also provides analog video sockets. With its wireless HD transmitter, the LCD model can transmit high-resolution signals without a cable connection.

The large chassis of the stereo loudspeakers can impress with a sound that is comparatively full for a projector and are more than an emergency solution. In terms of images, the EH-TW6600W offers brilliant color display together with a rich light output that makes it ideal for the living room cinema.

The color management, which can be found in the Epson’s usual clear menu, is flexible. The most important parameters are easily accessible via the corresponding button on the remote control.

Big picture from a short distance

Just looking at the lens, which bulges far out of the housing, it becomes clear where the TH682ST (from 750 euros) from BenQ has its strengths: As a so-called short-distance projector, it can project large images just in front of the screen.

This is good for presentations in rooms that are not intended for this, but can also be used for occasional games and films. At a distance of just one meter in front of the screen, the BenQ produces a screen diagonal of 170 centimeters, and thanks to the optimally calculated optics, it succeeds in doing this without significant distortion.

Since the DLP beamer still shines with almost 1500 lumens even in eco mode and set to cinema mode, it is the perfect device for spontaneous film enjoyment in the bright living room or even on the terrace. Ideally, the device can be supplied completely wirelessly with full HD videos using various optional wireless solutions. Overall, the TH682ST can cope with even the most difficult conditions; tight and bright spaces are no problem for it.

A bright head for on the go

Acer’s DLP projector H6520BD (from 600 euros) scores with a lot of light for a smaller budget, 3500 lumens are already a house number for a home cinema projector. Its dimensions are quite compact, together with its moderate weight of 2.5 kilos and the sturdy case, it is recommended for mobile use.

Thanks to the MHL-compatible HDMI interface, the Acer securely contacts other mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The lightweight is quick to set up, and it also only requires a few simple steps to set up, especially since there is no lens shift.

Due to the low optical zoom of 1.1 you may have to improvise, but there is an adjustment option to different tones of the projection surface. So in case of doubt you are independent of a canvas. In terms of contrast, light output and image sharpness, the H6520BD is completely convincing, it shows 3D images without flickering and even brightly.

The ideal beginner

Small, beautiful and in white suitable for the living room, Optoma presents the HD50 (from 1300 euros), which thanks to its versatile interfaces does not stop at older equipment. Analog sources are still welcome, since in addition to the two HDMI sockets, there is also a component and even a composite input on the

The extensive equipment includes, among other things, vertical lens shift and a luminous remote control. Practical: The Optoma is designed for all types of projection, so it can also be hidden on the ceiling or even as a rear projector behind the screen.

Overall, the DLP model shines with a clean color display, decent black levels and very sharp images. Rainbow effects are very rare. The HD50 is the ideal device, especially for beginners: It pampers you with its easy handling and offers an excellent picture with little effort, even in an insufficiently darkened living room.


Projectors with excellent properties are available in every price range for high-quality home cinema. Converted to the square meter of image per euro, flat screen televisions cannot hold a candle to projectors. Projectors are the perfect source even for rooms that are not completely darkened.

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Redmond (dpa) – Microsoft has admitted that a hacker group has exploited a previously unknown vulnerability in its Windows operating system. It should be stuffed with an update on November 8th. According to the “Wall Street Journal”, these are the same hackers with alleged links to Russia who stole e-mails from the executive committee of the Democratic Party in the USA. In the attack on Windows, a previously unknown security hole in Adobe’s Flash multimedia software was also used, as Microsoft further announced.

The new Chrome version 60 closes 40 security gaps, some of them serious. Users of the Google browser should install the update as soon as possible.

The latest version of the popular browser has the version number 60.0.3112.78. It closes 40 weak points, some of which are critical. According to "PC world"  there are also many small changes for web developers.

A good half of the security vulnerabilities (21 of the 40) were reported to Google by users. Google pays premiums for this – so far in a total amount of 26,000 US dollars. Google does not provide any details about the vulnerabilities it found itself. 

The end of the flash player is near

The Chrome browser also heralds the end of the Flash player. He only starts the integrated Flash Player on request. It will then be completely removed from the browser at the end of 2020. This happens in close cooperation with Adobe and the most important browser manufacturers Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla.

The innovations also include a new one "Paint timing API"designed to make it easier for web developers to optimize the loading times of large web pages.

How to get the new version

In the menu (three dots in the top right) click on Settings, then on the symbol with the three horizontal lines. Then go on "About Chrome". The version number of your browser is displayed here and a search is made for the latest update. If your version number is lower than 60, you should start the download and install the new version.

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Edeka is promoting the anniversary with comedian Otto Waalkes and a memorable slogan on new posters. However, it is not well received. Farmers protest against the slogan.

"Essen deserves a price: the lowest." With this slogan comedian Otto Waalkes advertises the centenary of Edeka on posters of the grocery chain. Now farmers have protested against this advertising and Edeka has the posters removed, like them "Emder Newspaper" reported. 

Hundreds of farmers demonstrated with their tractors in front of the Edeka warehouse in the Ammerland district and thus delayed the delivery of the goods, the report says. "Our campaign was never intended to anger farmers and growers"the company then announced. The poster is a misunderstanding. "The aim of the marketing campaign was to address all localities, such as Minden and Bremen, in our sales area individually. The place ‘Essen / Oldenburg’ was clearly meant and not Essen in the sense of food."

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Edeka also stated that a price change would not be at the expense of the farmers, but would be borne by wholesalers.

Dirk Toepffer, Lower Saxony’s CDU state parliamentary group leader, described the campaign as "shameful". The show that the group did not understand and expect Edeka to apologize to the farmers.  

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Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner published a statement on the Edeka campaign on Twitter: "I can understand the farmers’ anger. It is like David versus Goliath when peasants negotiate with trade. With the best will in the world, I can no longer understand that food in particular has to be used for lure offers and for dumping prices (…). In the end, it is the producer who has less and less left." 

Sources used: own research"Emder Newspaper": Farmers blocked Edeka camps

Greater Noida (dpa) – Farmer Ved Pal Singh points to his wheat field with a walking stick. Many of the plants are missing a piece – they are nibbled on.

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They are ruined a few weeks before the harvest, says Singh. The field next door is littered with round holes that appear to have come from hooves. Here in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (called UP), animals are a problem that are actually revered in the Hindu country: cows.

According to the farmers, it has been really bad since the Hindu priest Yogi Adityanath became head of government of the 200 million-inhabitant state in March 2017. The government of the Hindu nationalist party BJP, which also rules the whole country from nearby New Delhi, has declared the protection of the cow to be a priority in UP. Some farmers believe that this will ultimately make things worse for both animals and people.

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Because: In UP and most other Indian states it is forbidden to slaughter cows. But there have always been illegal slaughterhouses to which farmers could sell their cows when they stopped giving milk. It is usually members of the Muslim minority – to whom cows are not sacred – who run the slaughterhouses and transport the cattle.

Radical Hindu nationalists, particularly in UP, have increased their banding together since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office in 2014 and, in the name of the protection of the sacred cow, attacked people accused of bringing, killing or eating cows to a slaughterhouse . In a report from last week, the human rights organization Human Rights Watch counted 44 deaths in such attacks between May 2015 and December 2018 alone – including 36 Muslims. Members of the BJP had publicly incited this violence, it said.

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