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I spent three very good years there in which very important things were also achieved

They also played: Uri Santos, Verdejo, Khalid, Well, David, Pablo Vidal.

Barcelona: Juanjo, Boyis, Sergio Lozano, Rivillos, Ferrao. They also played: Dyego, Adolfo, Daniel, Arthur, Aicardo, Marcenio, Joselito.

Rivaldo: "De Jong will give us a lot in the future"

Carolina Marín: "I am quite disappointed"

Goals: 0-1 M.6 Dyego. 1-1 M.7 Bruno Petry (penalty). 2-1 M.15 Verdejo. 2-2 M.33 Aicardo. 3-2 M.35 Cardona. 4-2 M.35 Well. 4-3 M.39 Rivillos.

FC Barcelona receives Pescados Rubén Burela at the Palau this Friday (9:15 pm, Esport3 and LaLigaSportsTV) on the eighth league match with the expected return of Aicardo in the penultimate match before the assault on the Champions Final Four.


On at 18:16 CET

David rubio


National Futsal League

The last one will take place next Saturday at six in the afternoon in a Catalan derby against Industrias Santa Coloma that will finally take place in Sabadell as the Palau Olímpic de Badalona is occupied by a Joventut match in the Endesa League.

If last weekend Andreu Plaza recovered Sergio Lozano, now joins the man from Cádiz, who suffered a sprain in the internal lateral ligament of his right knee in training on September 30 and has missed seven games (four in the League and the three of the Main Round of the Champions).

The next should be Marcenio, who is expected like May water in the face of that Elite Round of the Champions League in which his presence on the track seems fundamental for a Blaugrana team that will be very favorite against Sparta Prague, the Prodexim Kherson and host Stalitsa Minsk.

Second with 18 points, the Barça team will try to add their seventh victory against the bottom team (one victory, one draw and five defeats) with the aim of reaching Inter and putting pressure on him for their match tomorrow against Jimbee Cartagena led by Duda and in which the ex-azulgrana Bateria continues to play.

Plaza asks for maximum intensity

“They have nothing to lose and that makes them especially dangerous. It is clear that we already have the Champions League in mind, because there are only two weeks to go before the Elite Round, but now we can only think about the Burela if we don’t want any troubles, ”Andreu Plaza warned.

Intense pulse to dethrone Wilde

Andreu Plaza’s great concern

"The idea is for Aicardo to come back and start picking up pace also thinking about the Champions League. He is a very important player for us and his return is excellent news", added the Girona coach.

FC Barcelona faces this Saturday at 8:00 p.m. (Esport3 and LaLigaSportTV) an interesting Catalan league derby against Industrias Santa Coloma that will take place at the Pavelló de Sabadell Nord as the Palau Olímpic de Badalona is occupied by a La Penya match.


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David rubio


National Futsal League

The azulgrana team will try to add their eighth victory in the ninth league match to provisionally regain the first place with 24 points and force Inter to defeat Viña Albali Valdepeñas tomorrow to regain it. Meanwhile, the Colombians are fourteenth with eight points, three above the relegation zone.

After recovering Sergio Lozano in Córdoba and Aicardo last week against Burela, Andreu Plaza will also be able to count on Marcenio today. In contrast, the known loss of Esquerdinha is joined by Boyis, who will be KO for three weeks due to a fibrillar tear in the adductor of the left thigh.

Past in Industries 

As happened last season, the azulgranas Adolfo Fernández and Dídac Plana today face an Industrias Santa Coloma that marked their professional career. In fact, they both coincided three years in the Colomense team (2013-16) in which the team reached the semifinals of the play-offs for the title and the Copa del Rey final with Xavi Passarrius on the bench.

Born near a Pavelló Nou undergoing renovation, Adolfo trained at Industrias and played there until he was recruited by Barça in 2016 after a loan campaign. “All derbies are important and for me this one is always very special, because all my career I did at Industrias García, although it is becoming more normal to face them,” the wing explained to SPORT.

“It has to give us even one more point of motivation to remember that they won the Catalan Cup and that we also lost in Badalona last season. In addition, to go to the Champions League with the best sensations we have to win this match, ”adds the Spanish international.

Santa Coloma was also key for Dídac. “I spent three very good years there in which very important things were also achieved. I have great memories of that stage and it is always special to play against them because of the affection I have for them ”, explains the goal, who will start this Saturday except for surprise.

Barça makes a ‘seven’ to the bottom and Sergio Lozano already touches Wilde’s record

Intense pulse to dethrone Wilde

“The Catalunya Cup is a title and of course it hurt us to lose it. More than revenge, it is a precedent that forces us to be cautious and to do our best, also thinking about the sensations for the Champions League ”, Dídac told SPORT.

On a placid night, FC Barcelona beat Pescados Rubén Burela at the Palau this Friday by 7-2 and regains the lead at least temporarily.


On at 22:57 CET

David rubio


National Futsal League







(2 + 5): Dídac (p.), Boyis, Sergio Lozano (3), Joselito, Ferrao (1) -starting five-, Arthur (2), Rivillos, Dyego, Roger Serrano, Aicardo and Adolfo.


(0 + 2): Kaluza (p.), Pope, Everton, Luisma, Álex Diz (1) -starting five-, Pitero, Joselito, Matamoros, Juanfran (1), Lucho and Renato.


Alonso Montesinos and Santander Flamarique (Aragonese). Visitor Lucho was sent off for two yellows (11:11 and 12:35). They showed yellow cards to the locals Dyego (4:54), Rivillos (23:36) and Sergio Lozano (34:26).


1-0, Arthur (9:17); 2-0, Ferrao (11:48); 3-0, Sergio Lozano (24:30); 4-0, Sergio Lozano (25:57); 5-0, Arthur (27:27); 5-1, Luisma (29:56), 5-2, Álex Diz (30:36); 6-2, Renato, at own goal (31:29); 7-2, Sergio Lozano (34:47).


Match corresponding to the eighth day of the First Division league played at the Palau Blaugrana in Barcelona before 2,073 spectators.

The team led by Andreu Plaza adds 21 points in eight days and thus equals with Movistar Inter, which receives this Saturday Jimbee Cartagena led by Duda and in which the former-blue Bateria plays.

The first part was a Barcelona offensive monologue against a rival who barely offered anything in attack and limited themselves to defending themselves as best as possible without risking.

Aicardo returns

The other good news of the night has been the return of AIcardo, a very important player for the team who will be able to get ready for the Elite Round of the Champions League.

Ferrao enjoyed three very clear occasions at the dawn of the game, but in the first shot to the post, in the second he shot high and in the third Álex Diz took out his Vaseline under sticks.

The Brazilian with the heel also tried without luck, while Dídac was about to celebrate his recent fatherhood (he did not travel to Córdoba) with a goal-to-goal goal in the 5th minute.

Unpublished last day and with little prominence in the current season, Arthur had a magnificent return to the team with a goal and an assist in two and a half minutes. 

Three goals in a row

The Brazilian tried one-on-one and kicked violently with the fortune that his shot touched Álex Diz and surprised Polish goal Kaluza in what made it 1-0 in the 9th minute.

In need of happiness, Arthur celebrated with effusiveness and immediately assisted Ferrao so that his compatriot scored 2-0 shortly before 12 ‘.

Ferrao scored a goal and caused Renato’s own goal | AUTHOR PHOTO

Lucho saw the second yellow and went to the street, although the Blaugrana did not know how to take advantage of the inferiority of a rival team that tried in the 19th minute with 1xbet verification a shot from Juanfran that Dídac deflected with his hand, perhaps outside the area.

The second half started very well for Barça, who scored three goals in three minutes and seemed to end the clash by getting 5-0 on the 28th minute.

Minimal Barça relaxation

In two traced actions, Ferrao assisted Sergio Lozano so that the Madrilenian established 3-0 and 4-0 to reach 244 goals as a Barça player, just three from the record of the legendary Wilde. What better way to celebrate his 31st birthday this Saturday!

The 5-0 was the work of Arthur, who also finished his ‘double’, but the team relaxed and Pescados Rubén Burela got oil with two goals in a row, the work of Luisma and Álex Diz (5-2).

Andreu Plaza stopped the game and his players responded to finish sealing the victory with Ferrao provoking Renato’s own goal and with Sergio Lozano as protagonists (7-2).

Barça receives Burela with Aicardo

Intense pulse to dethrone Wilde

And beware, the Madrid player already has 245 goals as a Barça player and is just two short of equaling the historic record of the section held by the legendary Brazilian Wilde with 247.

FC Barcelona Lassa and Movistar Inter will fight for the LNFS title starting this Thursday at the Palau Blaugrana to face the third and fourth games of a series that is tied at one after the first two games played in Torrejón de Ardoz.


On at 15:17 CEST

Only in the event that Barça Lassa or Movistar Inter manage to prevail in the two matches at the Palau would they be proclaimed league champions, otherwise, a fifth and final match would have to be played on the Madrid team’s court.

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