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Should the crisis prolong, Bavaria will ask Brussels for an extension

Now Fadil lies dead in a morgue in Milan. Nobody is allowed to approach. Has she been poisoned? Even with radioactive substances? Or did she die of a sudden natural death? Did she have a rare disease?

The mysterious case has been keeping Italy in suspense for days. But official information is scarce. No theory seems too adventurous when the head of the Milan Public Prosecutor appeared before the press on Monday. "Poisoning is possible, but neither can rule out a possible natural cause of death"says Francesco Greco. Worrying: Elevated levels of heavy metals were measured in Fadil’s blood and urine. But only the autopsy can provide information about the cause of death, says Greco and warns "suggestive guesswork". In the hospital where the early 30-year-old died, a Geiger counter was used to search for radioactive substances – but these were not detected. According to media reports, an autopsy is scheduled for this week.

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One thing is certain: Fadil died on March 1st. Before her death, she is said to have told her lawyer, among other things, that she was a victim of poisoning. At the end of January, she is said to have come to a clinic near Milan – among other things because of severe abdominal pain.

The case electrifies Italy mainly because Fadil was one of the witnesses who testified in the trial of Berlusconi’s sex parties. By and large, it was about the case of the Moroccan escort girl "Ruby Rubacuori". Berlusconi were accused of abuse of office and sex with an underage prostitute. The trial ended in 2015 in the last instance with an acquittal. Then there were further investigations and trials involving bribery of witnesses. In any case, Fadil is reported to have said that her money was offered as a witness for her silence.

Berlusconi distanced himself from the current case: "I never met this person and never spoke to them"he said on Saturday, according to the Ansa News Agency, referring to Fadil. However, there was wild speculation that Fadil was apparently about to publish a book about her experiences.

Perhaps the solution lies elsewhere: There may be traces leading to Morocco and the Moroccan embassy in Italy, Souad Sbai, chairman of the Association of Moroccan Women in Italy and ex-MP in Italy, told the newspaper "La Repubblica". In her own words, she has no doubt that Fadil was murdered.

And she puts forward an explosive theory. "I’ve been following these stories since kill a mockingbird essay claims Gorgeous Moroccan women (like Fadil) have arrived in Italy during these years and it’s easy to imagine what they should be doing. Meetings, films, blackmail"said Sbai. "It didn’t just happen to Berlusconi. He is known and his story has come to light. But many high-ranking people have been blackmailed and threatened. Presumably (Fadil) wanted to pull herself out, she became a problem and they eliminated her."

The Italians have elected Silvio Berlusconi as Prime Minister four times – despite all the scandals. Now they seem to have forgotten the Cavaliere.

According to ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the Italians have gone crazy – because they no longer vote for him. "I’m ashamed to say it: 5 to 6 Italians out of 100 still choose me – an unbelievable thing", said the 82-year-old on a TV show on his channel Canale 5. "I think the Italians are crazy. You should look in the mirror."

The "Companies" Italy had entrusted the voters to a squad "who has not worked or studied"he said, looking at the head of the five-star movement Luigi Di Maio. "We are a people of madmen." He was "very worried"where Italy, Europe and the West headed – after all, he has five children and twelve grandchildren. Out "Sense of responsibility" That is why he could not do otherwise than to run for the European elections. He already has a house in Brussels in view, which he "rent or buy" could.

Italy’s scandalous politician: Berlusconi is running for the European Parliament

Berlusconi was Italy’s prime minister several times until he resigned in 2011 after several legal scandals. His conservative party Forza Italia is now only around eight percent in national polls. The populist government made up of the Euro-critical five-star movement and the right-wing Lega has been in office since June last year.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Five years after the "Diesel scandals" European consumer advocates accuse the VW group of continuing to evade damages to customers with all their might. The world’s largest carmaker is using a delaying tactic and exploiting loopholes in the law and the unequal access of European consumers to justice, the European consumer association Beuc announced on Friday night. "After a massive breach of law, VW ignored justified consumer complaints", criticized Beuc General Director Monique Goyens. "We will not tolerate that."

Despite a comparison with the German Federation of Consumer Organizations (vzbv) for around 250,000 VW owners, the group refused to carry out similar negotiations with consumer protection organizations in other countries, Beuc emphasized. "It is shameful that Volkswagen refuses to compensate European consumers for the massive damage the VW fraud caused in the diesel scandal, despite US consumers being compensated"said Goyens.

The case also makes it clear that the European legal systems lacked opportunities to initiate mass actions. It must be ensured that "consumers with a second "Dieselgate" no compensation will be refused"said Goyens. In the meantime, however, the instrument of class action has also been launched in the EU.

In September 2015, under pressure from US environmental authorities, Volkswagen admitted that it had cheated on a large scale in emissions tests. By defeat devices ("Defeat Devices"), nitrogen oxide readings were curled down on the test bench. The company plunged into a deep crisis that has cost around 32 billion euros so far. There were numerous civil and criminal proceedings.

In Germany, the group and vzbv had reached an out-of-court settlement for the approximately 250,000 participating diesel customers. After the latest rulings by the Federal Court of Justice on the emissions scandal, VW is holding out the prospect of compensation for around 50,000 more diesel customers. In the important UK market, for example, the first proceedings are not likely to start until the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022. It could also take longer in Italy or Belgium.

According to the state government, the Bavaria fund to protect companies in financial distress due to the corona crisis is likely to meet with great demand. He expects that "not just a few dozen" Companies will seek guarantees for loans or investments, said Minister of Economics Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) in Munich on Friday. The number could therefore be in the "Hundreds" walk.

Aiwanger emphasized that the companies are primarily from the export sector, as this is suffering particularly from the current situation. "A handful of companies have already made informal inquiries." Despite extensive reviews of the applications, it must be clear to everyone that there is always a residual risk "tax money" could also be set in the sand. The companies would also not get the Free State’s money for free, but would also have to pay fees, and the aid was also limited in time. After five to six years at the latest, the companies would have to be released back into the free market.

Finance Minister Albert Füracker (CSU) stressed that he did not hope that one "false pride" Discourage companies from asking for help. "My concern is that the mood in the economy may be better than the real situation", he said. The applications can now be submitted to the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The aim of the state government is that the money paid out would be repaid in the end after a successful rescue of the company. The previously planned limitation of the offer – applications must be submitted by the end of the year – he does not see as "carved in stone" at. Should the crisis prolong, Bavaria will ask Brussels for an extension.

On Thursday, the EU Commission gave the go-ahead for the fund, which primarily comes into play when other aid measures such as immediate loans or the federal rescue package are canceled due to a lack of nationwide systemic relevance or the number of employees (less than 250). It comprises 46 billion euros, which can be passed on to companies either in the form of guarantees (26 billion euros) or state investments (20 billion euros). The companies would have to clearly demonstrate that their imbalance did not exist before the start of the pandemic and also show realistic future prospects, said Aiwanger.

The Bayern Fund is an important pillar in the Free State’s Corona aid program. The state holdings are also intended to prevent companies from being taken over by foreign investors. The allocation of funds is controlled by the state parliament.

Berlin (dpa) – The SPD leadership wants to introduce citizens’ insurance for care and financial support for people who take a break from their jobs to care for relatives.

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The party executive decided on Saturday at a retreat in Berlin. The plans are to be introduced at the SPD party conference in December.

"We want to ensure that there is full care insurance in the future", said the SPD interim leader and Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer on Saturday. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) said on Sunday that it must be ensured that those who use care services are not economically destroyed.

Corona crisis: 22,771 new corona infections reported in Germany

"We want to initiate a (…) fundamental change in long-term care insurance", it says in the care concept decided by the SPD executive committee, which was presented to the German press agency. Specifically, the plan provides that the long-term care insurance will take over everything in the long term, not just the pure care service, but also the so-called co-payments that those affected or relatives still have to pay themselves today. This is about the cost of accommodation and food in the nursing home. The national average is now almost 2000 euros per month for those affected.

"We have to put a cap on that and have full insurance in the long term, and that only works if more tax money goes into long-term care insurance", said Scholz at an SPD regional conference in Troisdorf, North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition to the tax subsidy for the long-term care insurance mentioned by Scholz, the rising costs for such a full insurance should be through "moderately increasing long-term care insurance contributions" be caught. At the moment the contribution rate is 3.05 percent of the gross amount – childless pay 3.3 percent.

In addition, the SPD top wants to broaden the base of the contributors to the insurance: The private and statutory long-term care insurance should become one "Foster care insurance" be merged. The reserves of private insurance in the amount of 35 billion euros should also be accessed, as far as that "constitutionally possible" be. "It makes no sense at all for long-term care insurance to be based on two pillars; we want insurance"said Dreyer.

Relatives who look after family members at home and take time off from work should also, according to the concept of the SPD executive committee, with a "Family care allowance" supported, based on the model of parental allowance. "It cannot be that one is faced with the dilemma care or work without there being a solution"said Dreyer.

A wheelchair user was hit by a car in Uedem (Kleve district) and seriously injured. The 50-year-old wanted to cross an intersection on the bike path with his electric wheelchair, the police said on Friday. He was caught by a 40-year-old driver for an unexplained cause. The 50-year-old came to a special clinic after the collision on Thursday evening with serious injuries. The driver was unharmed. The exact cause of the accident was initially unclear.

Uedem (dpa) – 15 people were injured in an accident involving six cars on Autobahn 57 on the Lower Rhine. One of the injured was in mortal danger, three were seriously injured, as a police spokesman said. The cars crashed into each other in the night near Uedem in the direction of the Netherlands. There was also a truck among the six cars involved. The motorway was still closed in the morning, and the rescue work continued.

A stranger caused a mass accident on the A57 in the direction of the Netherlands. Six people were injured. The person who caused the accident has fled.

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After a solo accident, the accident driver left his car in the middle of the road and fled on foot. As a result, eight other vehicles collided with each other. Four men were seriously injured and two others were slightly injured. The search for the person who caused the accident, in which a helicopter and service dogs were also involved, lasted all night and has not yet led to the person being found.

According to previous investigations by the Düsseldorf autobahn police, a hitherto unknown person drove on the BAB 57 in the direction of Nijmegen at around 11.30 p.m.

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