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With fruit juice, for example, the fruit is highly concentrated and the sugar quickly goes into the blood.

After all, fruit contains fructose – that’s why it tastes so good and sweet. "In the end, fructose is sugar too, with all the problems that come with it" says Lekutat.

Fatty liver from fructose

His current book is called "One apple makes you healthy, three apples make you fatty liver". When the liver becomes fatty, which can cause serious secondary diseases, most people think of too much alcohol. In fact, 20 to 30 percent of the cases are not due to schnapps and beer, writes Lekutat – but to too much fructose, for example.

So only eat vegetables? Or do you prefer chocolate? No, says Lekutat. "In Germany, the problem is more that we eat too little fruit. For many of my patients, I would be happy if they would eat more fruit" he says. However, it can still be worthwhile to think about the type of fruit you eat – and the variety.

Not all fruit is created equal

Because fruit is not just fruit when it comes to sugar and energy content. "Fruits such as bananas, grapes, apples or mirabelle plums have a high sugar content, oranges or berries, for example, have significantly less" explains Antje Gahl from the German Nutrition Society (DGE).

She also says: Fruit is healthy, but rich in sugar – and should therefore be consumed with caution. The DGE recommends eating five servings of fruit or vegetables a day. However, vegetables have priority, according to Gahl. In detail, the recommendation is: two fruits, three vegetables.

How healthy are smoothies and squeezes?

It is also crucial how you consume apples and the like. "In principle, pure fruit is better than processed fruit" says Lekutat. With fruit juice, for example, the fruit is highly concentrated and the sugar quickly goes into the blood. Lekutat therefore does not think the orange juice in the morning is a good idea. Many experts are equally critical of smoothies. "If you lay down the ingredients of a smoothie, you would probably not eat this amount of fruit in one meal. But consumed as a liquid, it happens very quickly" so Gahl.

This is also the case with the Quetschies, the bag snacks popular with toddlers and their parents. Here parents should check whether they contain only fruit at all. In particular, squeeze milk products from the refrigerated shelf often have a relatively low fruit content, warns the Lower Saxony consumer center. Instead, the manufacturers often add other sugars or flavorings.

But consumer advocates also advise against pure fruit bruises – for example because of the poor price-performance ratio, because smell, hearing or touch are not addressed and the constant sucking on the bruise can cause tooth decay.

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The fruit consumption has to fit the lifestyle

Never again pinchies and no orange juice for breakfast? What are you still allowed to do? Here the experts give the all-clear – after all, too much strictness around eating and drinking is just as bad. "Today’s nutritional advice is rarely individual, but it should be – people are very different and also very adaptable" says Lekutat.

The other way around it means: The fruit consumption has to fit the lifestyle. If you want orange juice every morning, you should exercise more accordingly. And if you don’t want to train your kids to have bad habits with squeezes, you only need them now and then – and otherwise mostly unprocessed fruit.

And if you want to know whether you are eating too much or the wrong fruit, you should listen to your body. Because that is the best warning system, says Lekutat: "If I am athletic and slim, if I am not constantly tired and if the liver values ​​are correct, then I have found a good dose."

Sources used: dpa-tmn news agency

Most cannot imagine a life without snacking. Sweets are delicious and ensure that the body releases happiness hormones. The sweet temptations, which contain tons of sugar, are only partially suitable as a good mood dispenser. Doctors warn of the dangers of excessive sugar consumption.

Stevia: Everything to do with sugar substitutes
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Tasty but unhealthy

As good as a piece of Black Forest cake or a cool glass of cola is tasty, both foods can be problematic for your health. The culprit is the sugar it contains, which provides the body with plenty of energy. There are around four kilocalories in one gram of sucrose. This is no more than one gram of protein, but the problem is that industrial sugar can be quickly absorbed by the body and therefore does not satiate for long.

Sweets are therefore often a side dish instead of a main meal and thus become fattening foods. Obesity, in turn, promotes a wide variety of diseases, from joint wear and tear to diabetes. In addition, a high-sugar diet has been identified as the main cause of tooth decay. So if you like to snack, you would do well to look for alternatives to the sugar bomb.

Sweets without sucrose

The first step in reducing sugar consumption is to switch to sugar-free foods. Soda that has been sweetened with alternative sweeteners contains fewer calories. The same applies to bars that are made without industrial sugar.

If you want to be consistent, mix your own drinks. A splash of 100% lemon juice, water and some sweetener are refreshing, although the calorie content tends towards zero. In addition, self-mixed lemonade contains vitamin C and is easy on the wallet.

Reduce sugar

For lovers of sweets, it is difficult to do without sugar entirely, as you have to dig deeper into your pockets for sugar-free products. Food that is sweetened with xylitol, for example, is also not available everywhere. You can at least save calories on foods that you prepare yourself.

With baking recipes it is possible to halve the specified amount of sugar without affecting the taste. Alternatively, you can replace some or all of the sugar with fructose or sweeteners like stevia.

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Instead of 100 grams of sugar, add three spoons of stevia to the batter for the same sweetness. This has two advantages: The calorie content decreases as does the risk of tooth decay.

The day can only start well with a jam sandwich. How about apricot jam for a change? Homemade still tastes best. The recipe for the morning treat can be found here.

Preserving fruit – jam, compote, liqueur & Co.
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Ingredients for the apricot jam

Apricots have a particularly aromatic taste and are also very healthy – reason enough to use the fruit to make delicious jam.

According to the magazine, you need food for the recipe&Drink “in addition to pitted apricots, only a few other ingredients:

1.5 kg of cleaned and pitted apricots 1 pack of citric acid (5 g) 3 tbsp almond syrup or almond liqueur 500 g preserving sugar (3: 1)

Preparing apricot jam: this is how the recipe works

Before you process the apricots, they must be washed and pitted. Then dice the fruit into fine pieces. In the next step, mix the apricots with the preserving sugar and citric acid. Let the juice steep for about 30 minutes. Now bring the mixture to a boil over high heat. Don’t forget to always stir the juice.

As soon as the juice comes to a boil, let it boil over high heat for about three minutes while stirring. Then mix in almond syrup or almond liqueur. The almond note harmonizes wonderfully with the apricot aroma in this recipe.

Now it has to be done quickly: Fill the apricot jam to the brim in clean glasses. Then seal the containers tightly and turn them upside down with a twist-off lid for five minutes.

Simple variations of the jam

Instead of the almond syrup, you can refine the jam with other ingredients. Three sprigs of rosemary add a special touch, which you simply cook with the jam for at least four minutes and then remove again. Alternatively, you can use three sprigs of lavender. Pluck the flowers off and add them to the apricot-sugar mixture. Fresh ginger gives the jam a certain spiciness: Peel about 30 grams of the tuber and cut it into fine cubes. Mix the ginger with the apricots and prepare the jam as described.

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Tip: The homemade apricot jam is a great gift for friends and relatives. Decorate the jam jars with a bow and arrange them, for example, in a basket – the delicious present is ready.

Ice cream is a must on hot summer days! How about a little mango ice cream or a delicious mango yoghurt ice cream? With both types of ice cream, you can strike without a guilty conscience, because you can do without any cream. Read more in the recipe ideas below.

From frozen yoghurt to ice cream: you should try these types of ice cream
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Mango ice cream bites on a stick

It fits in the mouth with a bite and is especially popular with children: ice cream made in an egg cube container. According to a recipe from the magazine "Brigitte" do you need:

1 mango 200 ml orange juice 2 ½ tbsp agave syrup

This is how the exotic ice cream is prepared

Peel the mango and cut the pulp from the stone before finely pureing it with the orange juice. Then taste the puree with the agave syrup and pour it into an ice cube container. Then it is placed in the freezer for at least four hours and the small mango bites are ready for hot days.

Light frozen yogurt with mango puree

If you prefer creamy ice cream, but don’t always want to use greasy cream ice cream for the sake of your figure, you should try this recipe with yoghurt based on the idea of ​​the Saarland Broadcasting Corporation (SR). You should have these ingredients at home for this:

1 mango 250 g natural yoghurt with 1.5% fat 40 g powdered sugar 2 tbsp honey Food and drink guide: Everything about food and cooking Sweet indulgence: Mango jam – recipe with healthy ingredients Delicious dessert: Creamy mango dessert with yogurt – recipe Refreshing frozen yogurt: Make frozen yogurt yourself – this is how it works Delicious cooling: recipes for delicious and homemade ice cream creations ICE: New types of ice cream in a calorie comparison

Marble and freeze the mango ice cream

Stir the powdered sugar into the yogurt and pour the honey over it – make sure to mix the recipe ingredients in a freezer-safe container. Peel and dice the mango pulp before pouring it into a tall mixing vessel and pureing it. Pour the puree over the sweetened yogurt and marble the mango ice cream with a fork before placing the ice cream in the freezer for four to six hours.

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